6 Contractor Financing Options: Getting Your Cash Flow Flowing

In the construction industry, even while projects may be plenty, cash flow can turn to a trickle when materials must be purchased to meet the project scope. So what are your options?

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10 Tips to recession proof your business

10 Tips to Recession-Proof Your Construction Business

Here are a few tips to bulletproof your construction business from recession.

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Recession impact on construction industry

How will Recession Impact the Construction Industry?

Concerns about a global recession have been growing over the past few months, and experts observe a probability higher than normal. After what appeared to be a strong recovery from covid-19 with a growth of just under 7% of the real GDP…

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Women in the Construction Industry

When you think of the industries that are dominated by men, the construction industry is most likely one of the first that comes to mind. In the United States, women make up 46.8% of the entire workforce. However, women only account for…

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How Can Building Material Dealers Prevent Credit Card Fraud

Unfortunately, credit card fraud is common across building supply stores due to an influx in card-not-present transactions. Card-not-present transactions occur online where the merchant is unable to confirm their identity and validity of the purchase in person. Sadly, the supplier is then…

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Benefits of AP Automation

What is Accounts Payable Automation? AP automation, or Accounts Payable automation, is the process by which accounts payable processes are handled digitally rather than manually. Accounts payable automation has revolutionized the way businesses process and pay their invoices. How AP Automation Can…

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Set Yourself Apart By Offering Better Customer Service and Better Payment Options

Smaller to medium-sized construction businesses have an advantage over larger big-box competitors when it comes to offering an array of payment options. Unlike larger construction businesses, smaller businesses have the upper hand at offering better customer service compared to larger competitors. Take…

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Factoring – A Complete Guide for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Factoring is a financing option for businesses to access the funds they have tied up in accounts receivable. Factoring is when a company sells its accounts receivable, also known as invoices, to a third party at a discount. It can also be…

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In-House Outsource Account Receivable Management

Why You Should be Accepting ACH

What Are ACH Transactions? An ACH transaction is an electronic transfer of money between accounts at different banks. With an ACH transaction, an individual can securely receive or send money between their bank and another. Businesses regularly use ACH transactions to simplify…

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Digital Technology Construction Industry

A Shift Towards Digitalization in the Construction Industry

This abrupt change made it necessary to adopt new technologies and new, innovative online resources that could best facilitate this transition from in-person to remote labor. While some industries continued to succeed under these new circumstances, other industries, particularly those that operate…

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