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Digital Technology Construction Industry

A Shift Towards Digitalization in the Construction Industry

This abrupt change made it necessary to adopt new technologies and new, innovative online resources that could best facilitate this transition from in-person to remote labor. While some industries continued to succeed under these new circumstances, other industries, particularly those that operate…

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In-House Outsource Account Receivable Management

In-House Vs Outsourcing Accounts Receivable Management

Due to this, many companies lack back offices or the developed technology that can be used for payment and financing transactions. When this equipment is lacking, some companies will outsource and have specialists complete these payment processes for them while others may…

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Construction Website Business

How to Build Your Construction Business’ Online Presence

While many businesses may offer goods or services tailored to in-person use and activities, maintaining an online presence can also help boost a business’s success. Every year, the amount of internet users grows significantly, with a large number of these people using…

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Net Terms

The Benefits of Offering Net Terms to Your Trade Customers

In the construction industry, specifically, net terms are often offered by businesses in order to provide their trade customers with greater payment flexibility. These options can help trade customers afford goods and services while enabling businesses to diversify their payment methods and…

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Tax Tips Construction Industry

Tax Tools for Construction Industry Pros

A large majority of construction workers are classified as independent contractors, meaning they don’t have taxes withheld from their paychecks like traditional employees. Essentially, they face a more severe tax preparation burden and may need to see a tax professional, although they…

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Eco friendly construction

Building an Eco-Friendly Construction Industry

We recognize the effects that we as individuals have on the health of our planet and, equally as important, the effect that our industries of labor have on the environment. BlueTape is committed to practicing sustainable and eco-friendly practices that ensure a…

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The 3 Basic Financial Statements Explained: Made Easy

Ask yourself questions such as “how much is my business spending? What is our total revenue? What does our current financial situation look like? What aspects of our business can we improve upon?” In this post, we will explain the 3 basic…

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Women in Construction Industry

Celebrating Women in the Construction Industry

At BlueTape, we boast a diverse team of both women and men, and celebrating the accolades and achievements of women is of large importance to us. In this post, we honor the women who have worked tirelessly within the construction industry.  …

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Construction customer experience

How to Provide a Better Customer Experience

After just one mistake, studies find, customers are ready to abandon your business and find another company that provides the same service. The experience of your customers is fundamental to the success of your business, but it can be easy for tedious…

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How to Improve Your Accounts Receivable Turnover

Collecting these payments or even making your own on-time payments is often a difficult task. When payments are being completed or collected on time, this can affect your salary, your cash flow, and the overall well-being of your business. Many businesses take…

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