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Mechanics Lien Construction

Mechanics Lien For Beginners

Perhaps you have heard of a Mechanic’s lien when working on a construction project. Depending on the field and type of work, you may know the term as a “construction lien” or “property lien,” as well. But, what are these documents and…

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COVID-19 Construction Business Finance

COVID-19 and the Construction Industry: Recovery and Relief

Companies had to close down for what were, at the time, unknown periods of time, unsure of when business could safely reopen and resume. This wave of uncertainty left businesses struggling to survive, and it especially affected small businesses. For an industry…

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Social Inclusion Working Capital

How Universal Access to Working Capital Enables Social Inclusion

Businesses can facilitate better social inclusion by extending their entity, growing larger, and creating more opportunities. This topic has become more important after the onset and continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic. Countless people lost their jobs and were forced back into a…

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Financing planning construction business

Financial Planning for Small Construction Businesses

But, still, it becomes extremely easy for businesses to postpone working on and bettering their financial wellness. Although it can seem a tedious task, financial planning is a commitment to betterment and growth. Think of financial planning as a game plan rather…

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“Buy Now, Pay Later” Financing for Contractors and Suppliers

They can pay for the total cost of materials at once or use other options like “buy now, pay later”. As the name describes, the “buy now, pay later” option allows builders and contractors to access the materials they need for projects…

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The Importance of Debt to Businesses: Healthy and Helpful

This association easily leads people to believe that a business without debt is healthier than a business with debt; however, the opposite is true. When a business is able to take on and manage debt, it can become healthier altogether.   Isn’t…

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Hanging Industrial Climber

How to Manage the Seasonality of Construction: Finding the Perfect Timing

What is the Best Season to Start Construction Work? Although construction projects should be scheduled by needs rather than according to the season, there are seasonal factors that determine what may be achievable. The weather has an influence on the type of…

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Welcome 2021 January wellness month

What Is Financial Wellness Month? Managing Good and Bad Finance

Happy Financial Wellness Month! The beginning of the New Year also marks the start of Financial Wellness month. Withstanding all of the booms and busts of last year, Financial Wellness month presents us with the opportunity to assess our financial situations and…

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Net payment for building materials

All You Need to Know About Offering Net Payments for Building Materials

Your sales process and payment terms are vital for the livelihood and growth of your construction business. Together, these affect how you manage your cash flow, customer experience, risk, and operation. If you are entirely new to or unsure about what net…

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Grow your business Line of credit

How to Grow Your Construction Business with a Line of Credit

Learn what a line of credit means here and understand the advantages of receiving a line of credit below.   Higher Cashflow Cash flow is the main reason why construction companies rely on a line of credit. It gives you the means…

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