In the third episode of BlueTape’s co-founder series, we interview CTO and BlueTape co-founder Venkat Motupalli. You can listen to our first two interviews with our CEO and CTO and discover our story and dedication to make financing universally accessible in the construction industry.

Venkat discusses his education in software engineering and extensive experience working for companies in the field. He slowly transitioned into a new type of technology, finding intrigue in the construction industry. He began to learn about the lack of digital transformation in the industry while seeing the project management that went into construction. Having built a lending platform for consumers and small businesses, Venkat saw a great opportunity to solve the issue of technology and integration in the construction industry. Pulling together his knowledge, he has made efforts to create platforms that utilize technologies that are easy to use and designed specifically for consumers.

Venkat and Jason dive into the growing digitalization of the construction industry, and the new role of technology in labor. Venkat explains how the number of contractors that use technology to leverage business growth is rapidly increasing, but many companies and individuals are still behind in this respect. Having technology as latent and technologically integrated as BlueTape would facilitate the immersion of the construction industry into the digital world. Technology should be a useful tool rather than a new fear, Venkat states.

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Please keep in mind that LinqPal has been rebranded to BlueTape in June 2021.

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