In BlueTape’s first-ever podcast, we interview company CEO, Yaser Masoudnia, to hear about the story that led to the founding of BlueTape.

BlueTape was co-founded by Yaser Masoudnia, who is a contractor himself. He comes from a family with over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, and he has come to know all of the ins and outs of the industry. Yaser carries the family license with great pride as an older son inheriting from his father. With a successful trajectory in the startup business, he decided to bring together his passion and his family’s legacy to create an innovative, technology-based solution directed towards the community he understands so well. Yaser continues to put the construction community first, always ensuring that he can help hardworking small businesses overcome their challenges and obstacles.

We ask Yaser about how he first became involved in the construction industry and how he has come to shape BlueTape into the technology-based platform that it is today. He discusses how small businesses are often overlooked and over sourced, lacking the crucial resources needed in order to survive. Not only that, in order to incorporate useful software, many business require additional training, back offices, and increased expenses; however, small businesses do not have access to these tools. This is why Yaser Masoudnia has emphasized the importance of technology to create a payment solution that is equipped to work for and benefit the hardworking small business of the construction industry.

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Please keep in mind that LinqPal has been rebranded to BlueTape in June 2021.

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