On the fourth installation of the Construction Pal podcast, we hosted a round table with the wizard of building materials, sales, and marketing: Mark Mitchell. In this episode, LinqPal CEO, Yaser Masoudnia, and Mark discussed the slow growth of the construction industry and the new, innovative ways that the industry can pick up speed and growth. Mitchell brings in over 40 years of experience in the field, describing the ins and outs of the supply chain and how the fundamentals of the industry can teach us how to build better, smarter, and harder. As Mitchell says, “we have an industry where they don’t have to be innovative” but they continue to be hardworking. Together, Mark Mitchell and Yaser Masoudnia explore new innovative ways to incite change and propel the industry forward in terms of sales, business, and community.

On giving advice to material suppliers, Mitchell puts it simply:”just do what you say”. The relationship between these suppliers and their clients and these suppliers and their partners is critical to a business’ success. Yaser comments that the ultimate goal he has when partnering with material suppliers is finding a way to best meet the demands and wishes of his and suppliers’ mutual customer: contractors. It’s important to remember that the effect you have on your consumers and, even larger, the industry will dictate the way that your product plays out and the trajectory of your business growth. Instead of being in a hurry to make a sale, Mitchell continues, take the time to get to know and understand your customer. Doing this will give you the information to understand consumer behavior and business growth.

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