Get $50 and give $50 for each referral
For a limited time only

How to make a referral

Want to use BlueTape at your friends? Don’t keep BlueTape a secret, share your referral code with them. Both you and your friend get a $50 reward when they join and start using BlueTape.
Share your unique referral code via email, text, or social media
Your friend signs up with your referral code and reaches $5,000 in transactions
Both of you get $50

Terms and conditions

Eligible referral member
The referral program is open to any registered member of the BlueTape account.
An eligible member for the referral program is any contractor, subcontractor, builder, dealers, distributor, or related construction business owner who is a member of BlueTape. To join, you have to create an account and connect a bank account, or credit card payment method.

Eligible Referee
An eligible referee is a building supply manufacturer, dealer, distributor, or any related construction business that is referred by a member. They need to create an account and reach a total of $5,000 or more in transactions.

Eligible transactions
An eligible transaction means the referee has successfully made or receive payments of $5,000 via BlueTape using a credit card, ACH, or Buy Now Pay Later. The eligible transactions can be with the referral member or any other customers.

Redeeming reward
Once the condition of the referral is met, both parties will automatically receive a $50 rebate in their BlueTape account.

Referral by multiple members
If a referee got referred by more than one BlueTape member, the referral credit applies based on the referral code used during the signup process. If the referee uses another member’s referral code at the time of signup, you will not receive the referral credit.

Important disclaimer
This offer is not valid with any other offer. The referral program and rewards are for a limited time only and the requirements and incentives are subject to change at any time. We may suspend and change this referral program.
We reserve the right to suspend your BlueTape account and remove the referral reward should we notice any activity in contrary to the BlueTape referral program and BlueTape terms and conditions. We retain the right to investigate to end the program and remove referral rewards for any fraudulent activities.