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Empowering every construction business to reach their full potential
Empowering every construction business to reach their full potential
We are here to make financing universally accessible to all businesses in the construction industry.
No matter their size, every business should have an equal opportunity and an unstoppable path to success. BlueTape is here to ensure the road is paved and ready for their journey.
BlueTape is created for construction pros by a team of experts in construction, finance, and technology, to create an easy, intuitive, and innovative payment and financing platform. Small businesses in the construction industry are often undervalued, overlooked, and, even further, excluded from accessing financial resources.
The founders of BlueTape bring in their firsthand experience and understanding of these issues, making small businesses the forefront of the company mission. The team understands how the industry presents hardships and an uneven playing field, and we are redirecting attention towards those who have not been the focus before.
CEO and Co-founder
Yaser Masoudnia

Yaser Masoudnia brought together his extensive experience in the construction and real estate industries with his passion for innovation. Due to his roles in the startup world, and being a licensed contractor himself, Yaser is very familiar with the numerous financial challenges small construction companies face.

Yaser founded BlueTape to provide companies, especially small businesses, with an affordable, flexible solution to the unsolved payment management and financial issues within the construction industry.

COO and Co-founder
Patrick Gannon

Patrick has used his expertise in lending, finance, and technology to lead product development and operations. His prior work at Wells Fargo and Uplift has made him continue to help consumers by improving the flow of capital and tackling the unaddressed hardships of small businesses.

At BlueTape, Patrick hopes to improve financing to create more opportunities for people throughout the industry.

BlueTape boasts a team of diverse backgrounds, cultures, language, and skills.
We strive to bring inclusivity and collaboration to our work environment as well as representation for overlooked minority groups. We value authenticity and uniqueness, and both nurture and support who our team members are and the ambitions that they hold.
We push each other forward and motivate each other to be the best version of ourselves. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to succeed and we make this the core of our work with our team members and our community.
Our team is made up of avid coffee brewers, questionable joke tellers, burger enthusiasts, and individuals who work towards the benefits of others.
What our team at BlueTape lacks in joke-telling skills, we make up for in the ability to innovate.
Join the community, create an account, tell us if you’re a taco or burger person, and share your favorite joke! (Everyone loves a good Dad joke)
At BlueTape, we recognize how hardworking and committed small business owners are. We consider each one of them an integral part of the community, whose lives we work to improve.
  • Our community bridges together construction businesses of all sizes, backgrounds, and regions.
  • We take great pride in knowing we can provide a payment and financing solution that will greatly benefit companies and allow them to achieve greater growth.
  • BlueTape is designed for not only the benefit of each of our members but also for the entirety of the construction community.
Our platform is a unique combination of software, creativity, social responsibility made to build trust between our community of customers and provide flexible payment options.
Join the BlueTape community today and upgrade your payment system.