BlueTape now offers integration with Xero accounting software for a seamless invoice management experience.

Building material dealers and other BlueTape Get Paid customers will now be able to create invoices directly from their Xero account and send them via BlueTape to their customers’ phone through text message or email. Once the payment is received, BlueTape automatically updates the Xero account with payment information. You can easily integrate Xero to your BlueTape account with just a few clicks from your BlueTape console, without any additional costs to either of your plans.

This comes as the latest accounting and ERP integration initiative by BlueTape, in an effort to offer the best user experience to its customers, enabling a fast and simple integration and Accounts Receivable Automation.


Benefits of BlueTape-Xero integration:


Smooth invoice management

Enjoy easy-to-use AR management without setbacks or manual work. Create, upload, send and control your invoices and payments with automatic synchronization between your Xero and BlueTape accounts. Keep track of the status and automatically send payment reminders.


Integration with just a few clicks

There is no need for a development team or any coding to take place in order for you to integrate BlueTape with Xero. From your BlueTape console, you can grant access to your Xero account and quickly integrate with just a few clicks. You can continue to create your invoices, as usual, send them automatically from BlueTape and automatically update the payment status on your Xero account.


Contact us to learn more about this integration setup and see a demo of BlueTape.