Building Materials Financing
60, 90 or 120 days

For contractors, subcontractors, and builders
*Without affecting your credit score

Use BlueTape credit anywhere

Get paid fast
Streamline your payment system and send invoices via text or email
Automate Accounts Receivable
Accept ACH & Credit Card
Cheapest Card & ACH Processing
Reduce Credit Card Fraud
Finance your construction materials
  • 0 payment, 0% fees for the first 30 days
  • Quick access to credit for building materials
  • Get started without affecting your credit score
  • Easy and fast credit approval on your phone
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Create a Free Account
Offer extended trade credit to your customers
  • Flexible financing to your customers
  • Get paid upfront with no risk
  • Eliminate the hassle of collection and running customers credit
  • Offer a wide range of mobile and online payment on the go
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Trusted by construction businesses like you
Doug Boyer
I needed this in my life
“Recently I had really struggled with my credit department. We were offering net30 but most of our customers that truly needed it weren’t really benefiting from it. We had been been trying to improve our conditions to allow more customers to access out terms, but we just couldn’t, we’re not a credit company. This was the perfect solution that I needed to help my company and customers and didn’t know it existed.”
Happy Customer!
“I own a hardware store and I am finally offering 90 day terms to my customers and they love it. They walked me through my setup and answered all my questions.”
Best payment system I have used
“This is the best platform I have ever used for processing payments. Fees are much lower than anything else out there, and the platform is much more intuitive than all competitors.”
Jose Mayvand
Must have tool for contractors
“I don't like to pick up check from my customer anymore. I send out invoice and they pay me right away.”
Don White
We like it because our customer like it
“For a long time we wanted to start offering trade credit in house. It was not possible to do it. We found out about Blue tape from one of our customers. We have been using them for 2 months now. Our customers like it a lot. It's easy to get started and our customers like to get credit on their phone”
Designed for construction pros
BlueTape is designed for small and medium-sized businesses like YOU, no matter the type of construction business, size, or type of building materials.
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