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Offer flexible payments to your trade customers

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Why partner with BlueTape?
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Get paid faster
Send invoices via text and receive payments immediately, no matter your customers’ method of payment (checks, credit cards, net terms, bank debit, or BlueTape financing).
Enjoy the new way of getting paid by streamlining all of your invoices and automating your accounts receivable payment reminders. Offer your customers more ways to pay, and prevent missed payments.
Risk-free customer financing
Don’t take the risk of offering net terms on your own, and leave your customer credit check and approval to BlueTape. Your clients are able to access net 30, 60, or 90 terms while you get paid up front.
Avoid the hassle of chasing after customers for overdue payments and enjoy peace of mind. Extend your cash flow to leverage and scale your business. It’s a win-win situation.
Customer financing options for 30, 60, 90 days
BlueTape reporting dashboard showing increase in sales
Sell up to 30% more
Sell more materials by offering Buy Now, Pay Later to your trade customers and enjoy higher value sales per client. Make your materials affordable to more customers and expand your customer base.
Offer more financing alternatives to increase your repeated sales rate and have your customers coming back.
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Easy to get started
BlueTape requires no integration or installation: it works fully online, and it is made to accommodate your business, no matter your size, software, or how you run your business.
It doesn’t require any training, and it is intuitively created to help your team get started. Still have questions or need help? We are here to assist you!
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Provide the best customer experience
By providing customers with a smoother payment experience, you can build a loyal customer base. Win new customers and keep your existing base coming back.
BlueTape is easy to use with a quick and paperless application. Your customers can get qualified in minutes via their mobile device. Make it easy for your clients, make it easy for you.
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Powerful marketing tools
Our partners get access to BlueTape co-marketing tools such as in-app promotion, social media, and email marketing, exposing their business to a larger community of builders. Put your store on the map for more customers!
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Low transaction fees
Reduce high costs and avoid the additional fee of Card-Not-Present (CNP). Don’t waste money on card processing; put it towards growing your business.
Who can partner with BlueTape
No matter what kind of building materials, supplies, or equipment you sell or rent, BlueTape’s partnership is designed for YOU.
Questions? We’re here to help.
How do I know if BlueTape is right for my business?
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