Designed for building materials dealers
Focus on running your
construction materials business
Accounts receivable management
Don’t chase after payments. Manage and automate your accounts receivable from one place and avoid unpaid invoices.
Improve outstanding inventory
Speed up the sales and payment processes to improve the days of outstanding inventory. Let us help you create a healthy balance.
Lower your operational costs
Spend less of your time and resources on AR management and simplify your operation. Leave credit check and payment collection to us.
Reduce uncertainty and risks
Don’t deal with building materials price volatility on your own. We keep track of clients' affordability and credit checks, and enable them to maintain their purchasing power despite price fluctuations.
Provide competitive extended net terms
Extend your net payment terms to 30-60-90 days, giving your customer more financing options, and soar past your competition with BlueTape.
Easy customer financing application
Avoid any loss of sales by enabling your customers to use BlueTape Credit at the point of sale, without the hassle of long paperwork.
Improve your working capital
Let BlueTape take care of your trade customers’ financing, increase your cash inflow, and invest in your own business growth.
We help building materials dealers, wholesalers, retailers, and anyone along the construction supply chain to accelerate their growth.
In-house or BlueTape?
Stick with BlueTape
  • Extended net terms - offer more than 30 days
  • Works with your existing ERP
  • Compete with industry leaders
  • Lower credit card processing costs
  • Improve your cash flow
  • Save on accounts receivable operating costs
  • Streamline your invoice collection
  • Reduce your liabilities
  • Receive payments upfront
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Simple, easy to use, state of the art technology