Automate Your
Accounts Receivable
Payment portal and AR automation designed for construction businesses
Get paid fast
Send invoices via text and accept all major credit cards securely. Get paid faster with ACH,
avoid late payments, and make it easy for your team to collect payment.
Offer extended
net terms
Get paid upfront, sell more, and have your customers coming back by offering competitive terms.
Reduce unpaid invoices and risk
You will get paid upfront for your net terms, and your customers pay us back over time. No risk to you, and it's easy for them.
Automate your accounts receivable
Make it easy for your credit team to send invoices to your customers and lower your Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). Integrate with your existing ERP.
Minimize the risk of fraud
Accept payment securely when Card-Not-Present (CNP) and replace over the phone payments with BlueTape fast mobile payment.
Low merchant fees
Reduce your credit card processing fees and avoid the additional fees from paying over the phone. Give your customer an easy way to pay while lowering your cost.

How does it work?

  • Get started in a few minutes
  • Choose a plan that works for your business
  • Send invoices via text or email
  • Get paid fast with same day payout
  • What makes BlueTape a better alternative for my AR management?
    BlueTape is more than just an AR management solution. With BlueTape’s payment and financing tools, you can automate invoices, offer your customers financing, as well as reduce merchant fees. Request a free demo and get a feeling of how you can benefit the most from our solution.
  • Is BlueTape going to replace my ERP?
    BlueTape’s services are complementary to your ERP and will help you improve your AR management. We work with any ERP system, so you won’t have to make any changes to how you have things set up in order for BlueTape to work.
  • Does BlueTape integrate with Epicor or QuickBooks?
    Yes. For more information, contact us and we will give you a free demo on how BlueTape works with other apps, softwares, and tools.
  • Do I need to train my team on how to use BlueTape?
    We offer online tutorials and onboarding support. Your team won’t need any advanced training since BlueTape is intuitive and simple.