Financing at Your Fingertips

Get up to 120 days to pay your building
supplies invoices

Request credit
Sign up without affecting your personal credit score


For contractors, subcontractors, and builders

Higher approval

Designed for small and medium-sized
construction businesses.

Up to 120 days

Choose a payment plan that works for you.
Pay between 60 to 120 days.

Lower rates

Rates created to help you access
financing when you need it.

Easy paperless approval

Fast process with a few taps on your phone and
no effect your credit score.

Do I qualify?

US-based construction businesses

US bank

business checking account

2 years

or more in business


in annual revenue


credit score

Don’t qualify yet?
Join BlueTape's secured credit waitlist

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How does BlueTape work?
Easy & Fast
1. Request credit on your phone with no paperwork
2. Choose the payment plan that works for you
3. Use BlueTape credit at your preferred construction material supplier
4. Pay back over time
Get Started

Automate your invoicing

Send your invoices with BlueTape and get paid fast

Easy to use
Send invoices to your customers via text or email. Easy for you and easy for your customers.
Faster than check
Get paid via ACH bank transfer fast instead of waiting for checks.
Low transaction fees
Accept all major credit cards at low fees. Choose a plan that works for your business.
No subscription fees
No integration, no subscriptions, and no hidden fees.
Works with your existing accounting and ERP system
Works with your existing
accounting and ERP system

Questions? We’re here to help.

Who can use BlueTape credit?

BlueTape is geared to work for the construction industry. If you are a business in the construction industry that buys building materials on a regular basis (i.e. developers, builders, GC, subcontractors, project managers, interior designers, and architects), BlueTape credit is for you.

What can I use BlueTape credit for?

BlueTape financing can be used to purchase construction materials at any supplier.

How much does BlueTape credit cost?

BlueTape fees vary based on the payment period. There is no interest on BlueTape credit, only fees. You will see the fees associated with your loan upfront when choosing your payback period.

I'm convinced. How can I sign up for BlueTape?

Contractors, builders, and subcontractors can sign up for BlueTape and use BlueTape’s payment tool for free. Request credit for an existing invoice or purchase order or get prequalified for an upcoming purchase.

What if my favorite building material supplier hasn’t partnered with BlueTape?

You can use BlueTape Virtual card at any store. You can also get a referral fee for any supplier that you recommend to BlueTape. Make a referral and don’t keep BlueTape a secret. We will take it from there by reaching out to your suppliers to partner with them and give you the option to pay with BlueTape at their store.

Is my information secure?

Yes, we take extra care to make sure that your personal information is safe and secure with BlueTape. We never sell our customer data to third parties. For more information, visit BlueTape’s privacy policy.