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Financing & Payments

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Get paid faster for your building materials with fewer hassles
Sell now, earn faster
  • Offer low-risk financing to your customers
  • Sell more materials to more customers
  • Get paid upfront
  • Streamline your invoice collection and simplify your billing
& Contractors
Buy now, pay later
  • Quick access to credit for construction materials
  • Easy and secure payment management via mobile device
  • Take on more projects without cash flow limitations
  • Scale your business
How it works
Buy now, pay later
How it works
Buy now, pay later
  • Contractors pay with BlueTape

    Contractors can receive and pay invoices via text using their preferred payment method, including BlueTape credit.
  • Suppliers get paid fast

    Material suppliers can get paid immediately and streamline invoice collection.
  • Contractors get construction materials

    Get your building materials when you need and pay BlueTape back over time.