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Payments & Financing
For Construction Pros

Pay and get paid faster with fewer hassles
  • For Suppliers
  • For Contractors
Get paid fast
  • Automate account receivable management
  • Accept ACH & credit cards
  • Low processing fees when card-not-present
  • Reduce credit card fraud risk
Finance your construction materials
  • Quick access to credit for building materials
  • No payment and 0% fees for the first 30 days
  • Get started without affecting your credit score
  • Easy and fast credit approval from your phone
Offer Net 30-60-90 to your customer
  • Risk free financing for your customers
  • Get paid upfront
  • Eliminate the hassle of collection and running customers credit
  • Offer a wide range of mobile and online payment on the go
“What I liked about BlueTape the most is it allowed me to keep a direct relationship with my customers while automating my invoice management and keeping track of everything in one place.”
Architect, Safaei Design Group

“BlueTape has made it easy for us to pay our invoices using our phones. We no longer need to spend hours going through invoices and writing checks. It is easy and fast.”
Owner, Almo Construction

“My accounting and AR team loves BlueTape. It was a fast and smooth setup, easy to start using, and took so much manual work away off their hands.”
Architect, Safaei Design Group

Designed for construction pros
BlueTape is designed for small and medium-sized businesses like YOU, no matter the type of construction business, size, or type of building materials.
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