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Empowering every construction business to reach their full potential

Every business should have an equal opportunity and an unstoppable path to success. BlueTape is here to ensure the road to success is paved for small and medium-sized businesses.

BlueTape is a payment and trade credit solution for construction professionals.
Our goal is to improve your customers' experience, help you cut your operating costs, and enable you to run your business more efficiently, all with an easy-to-use and innovative solution.
Our solution is designed to make transactions easier and more affordable.

We are not a bank, a hard money lender, or big, impersonal corporation with no ties to the industry.

We are construction pros with a passion for the industry and a goal to help small and medium-sized businesses run their businesses more efficiently. We have brought together a team of construction, finance, and technology experts to create an intuitive and innovative platform that is reinventing how payment and financing are done in the industry.
We understand that small businesses in the construction industry are often undervalued, overlooked, and, even further, excluded from accessing vital financial resources.

The founders of BlueTape bring in their first-hand industry experience, putting small businesses at the forefront of the company's mission. The construction industry presents hardships and an uneven playing field, and we are redirecting attention towards those who have not been the focus before.

Yaser Masoudnia

Yaser Masoudnia

CEO & Co-founder
Yaser Masoudnia has an uncommon background that makes him uniquely qualified for his role at BlueTape. After spending 12 years as a licensed general contractor with a focus on residential homes, Yaser is acutely aware of the challenges construction industry professionals face on a daily basis. Following his experience co-founding and successfully exiting NoPassword, his previous startup in the cybersecurity space, Yaser founded BlueTape to provide companies, especially small businesses, with a secure, affordable, flexible financial solution to the obstacles he’d faced during his time in construction.
Patrick Gannon

Patrick Gannon

COO & Co-founder
Patrick Gannon is the Co-Founder and COO of BlueTape. Patrick is a longtime FinTech executive. After attending MIT and Wharton, Patrick has spent his career leading innovations in financial products and services. He had roles at leading companies including Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Visa. He helped found Lending Club and led its investor side, and later became the head of lending at Uplift, helping to establish and grow the digital lending industry. At BlueTape, Patrick hopes to improve financing to create more opportunities for people throughout the industry.
Homa Saleh

Homa Saleh

Head of Operations
Sara Masoudnia

Sara Masoudnia

Head of Sales & Marketing
Robert Beres

Robert Beres

Head of Engineering
Carles Guillot

Carles Guillot

Head of Product

BlueTape consists of a team of diverse backgrounds, cultures, languages, and skills.

We strive to bring inclusivity and collaboration to our work environment as well as representation for minority groups. We value authenticity and uniqueness, and both nurture and support who our team members are and the ambitions they hold. We push each other forward and motivate each other to be the best versions of ourselves. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to succeed and we make this the core of our work with our team members and our community.

Our platform is a unique combination of software, creativity, & social responsibility.

We strive to build a community of construction pros where we can help each other succeed every day. We would love for you to be part of the BlueTape community, become a friend, join one of our social events, send us you favorite construction meme, and share a joke you heard! (Everyone loves a good dad joke.)
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