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May 29, 2024
3 Types of SBA Loans for the Construction Industry
If you are in the construction industry, there are three types of SBA loans for which your business can apply: 7(a) loans, 504 loans, and microloans.
GUIDESApril 11, 2024
PCI Compliance in the Construction Industry
Is your construction business PCI compliant? The answer to that question may be more important than you think.
GUIDESMarch 28, 2024
What the Mastercard & Visa Settlement Means for LBM Dealers
Mastercard and Visa agreed to settle a lawsuit brought by a group of mostly small businesses. But what does this mean for LBM dealers?
GUIDESJanuary 11, 2024
2024 Construction Industry Outlook: A Blueprint for Success
How can your construction business stay ahead of the curve in 2024?
GUIDESDecember 14, 2023
Remodeling Renaissance: A Marketing Opportunity for LBM Suppliers
By marketing to remodelers, building material suppliers can tap into a growing market and bring in a new stream of customers.
GUIDESNovember 8, 2023
Accounts Receivable Factoring vs. Lines of Credit: Cash Flow Solutions for LBM Suppliers
Both options can improve cash flow. But which option is best for your business?
GUIDESOctober 23, 2023
Revolutionizing Construction: Preconstruction and Takeoff Software
Technology is transforming every aspect of the construction process, including preconstruction and takeoff.
GUIDESOctober 2, 2023
Revitalizing the Architectural Business: Identifying Challenges and Solutions
What kinds of challenges does the architecture industry face, and how can it deal with them?
COMPANY NEWSSeptember 22, 2023
Get Clear View of BlueTape Account with New Reporting Feature
BlueTape now generates trade credit and payment statements on demand for customers.
GUIDESSeptember 7, 2023
5 Ways Outsourcing Trade Credit Can Improve Your Business's Bottom Line
Are you a building material supplier looking for ways to improve your bottom line? One solution you may not have considered is outsourcing your trade credit.
GUIDESAugust 17, 2023
The Top Online Marketing Mistakes Construction Professionals Need to Avoid
Online marketing is essential for construction professionals to reach their target audience and grow their business.
GUIDESJuly 26, 2023
Challenging the Big Guns: Strategies for Small and Medium Building Material Suppliers to Outperform Big Box Stores
Small and medium building material suppliers face a tough challenge in competing with big box stores, but they can still outperform these giants using four key strategies.
GUIDESJune 9, 2023
Streamlining Your Construction Company's Cash Flow with Automated Accounts Receivable
As a construction company, managing cash flow is a critical part of running your business. One area that can be particularly challenging is managing accounts receivable.
GUIDESMay 31, 2023
The 6 Key Stages of Project Management
Good planning and design are essential to any home construction project, so you need to understand the stages and how the project life cycle works to ensure it’s successful.
GUIDESMay 8, 2023
Protecting Your Building Supplies Business: Best Practices for Accepting Credit Cards in Card-Not-Present Transactions
With the rise of Card-Not-Present transactions, building material dealers and suppliers face new risks and challenges when it comes to accepting credit cards.
GUIDESApril 22, 2023
Save Green by Going Green: From Energy Efficiency to Cost Savings
One way to save money without sacrificing quality is by building green homes.
GUIDESApril 5, 2023
Factoring: The Good, the Bad, and the Better
What is factoring, and is it really good for the health of a construction business?
GUIDESJanuary 27, 2023
2023 Construction Industry Outlook: Riding the Wave of Fluctuation
With 2023 well underway, both contractors and building material suppliers are faced with a potentially volatile year.
COMPANY NEWSSeptember 29, 2022
BlueTape Integrates with NetSuite
BlueTape’s latest integration with Oracle NetSuite enables our customers to continue to use their ERP system for invoice…
GUIDESSeptember 23, 2022
6 Contractor Financing Options: Getting Your Cash Flow Flowing
In the construction industry, even while projects may be plenty, cash flow can turn to a trickle when materials must be purchased to meet the project scope. So what are your options?
GUIDESAugust 25, 2022
10 Tips to Recession-Proof Your Construction Business
Here are a few tips to bulletproof your construction business from recession.
GUIDESJuly 25, 2022
How will Recession Impact the Construction Industry?
Concerns about a global recession have been growing over the past few months, and experts observe a probability higher than normal.
GUIDESJuly 14, 2022
BlueTape is now a proud member of the Building Industry Association of Southern California (BIASC)
At BlueTape we are excited to announce we are now a proud member of the Building Industry Association of Southern California (BIASC). We are committed to being an active member of the community and joining key associations allows us to stay close to our customers and partners.
COMPANY NEWSJune 27, 2022
BlueTape introduces integration with Xero
BlueTape now offers integration with Xero accounting software for a seamless invoice management experience.
COMPANY NEWSApril 22, 2022
BlueTape now integrates with QuickBooks
You can now integrate your BlueTape account with QuickBooks for a seamless AR experience. Create invoices, send them via SMS, and get paid, all with just a few clicks.
GUIDESMarch 30, 2022
Women in the Construction Industry
At BlueTape, we boast a diverse team of both women and men, and celebrating the accolades and achievements of women is of importance to us. In this post, we honor the women who work tirelessly within the construction industry.
GUIDESMarch 18, 2022
How Can Building Material Dealers Prevent Credit Card Fraud
According to the Federal Trade Commission, credit card fraud was the most frequent type of fraud reported in 2020. The total loss due to credit card fraud was a whopping $149 million.
GUIDESFebruary 15, 2022
Benefits of AP Automation
Gain complete control and reduce the risk of fraud by automating invoices & payments for AP.
GUIDESFebruary 07, 2022
Set Yourself Apart By Offering Better Customer Service and Better Payment Options
Smaller to medium-sized construction businesses have an advantage over larger big-box competitors when it comes to offering an array of payment options. Unlike larger construction businesses, smaller businesses have the upper hand at offering better customer service compared to larger competitors.
GUIDESFebruary 01, 2022
Factoring – A Complete Guide for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses
Factoring is a financial method used by businesses to help accelerate their cash flow. Factoring is an alternative form of financing suited for small and medium-sized companies that do not have a long and established banking record with a lender.
COMPANY NEWSJanuary 31, 2022
Top Tech Trends in the Construction Industry for 2022
Patrick Gannon, the Co-Founder, and COO of BlueTape, recently hosted a webinar highlighting the top tech trends in the construction industry for 2022. In case you missed it, here are some key takeaways from Patrick's discussion.
GUIDESJanuary 20, 2022
Why You Should be Accepting ACH
Almost 50 years after its introduction, automatic clearing house (ACH) transactions continue to remain an important part of the business infrastructure.
COMPANY NEWSJanuary 14, 2022
B2B Payment & Financing for the Construction Industry: How to Accelerate Your Accounts Receivable
Patrick Gannon, the Co-Founder, and COO of BlueTape, recently hosted a webinar explaining how to accelerate your accounts receivable. In case you missed it, here are some key takeaways from Patrick's discussion.
COMPANY NEWSOctober 10, 2021
Introducing BlueTape referral program for suppliers
BlueTape referral program rewards with $1,000 for each supplier that joins.
COMPANY NEWSAugust 18, 2021
BlueTape Exhibits at 2021 Reconnected World of Concrete Event
BlueTape attends 2021 WOC event to showcase new payment features to thousands of contractors and material suppliers in the industry.
COMPANY NEWSAugust 18, 2021
How BlueTape Payment Tool Can Help You Improve Your Margins
BlueTape’s recently launched payment tool is designed for the construction supply chain. This solution is created for the needs of lumberyards and other building materials suppliers and it helps them lower their credit card processing fees and increase their margins.
COMPANY NEWSAugust 10, 2021
BlueTape Exhibits at the JLC LIVE New England Event
BlueTape will be exhibiting at the JLC LIVE 2021 New England event. We look forward to meeting the construction pros and our community members.
GUIDESJuly 20, 2021
A Shift Towards Digitalization in the Construction Industry
The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic led to a quick shift to remote work, with businesses being forced to operate entirely online.
GUIDESJuly 6, 2021
In-House Vs Outsourcing Accounts Receivable Management
In the construction industry, all workers along the supply chain are always on the go.
GUIDESJune 14, 2021
How to Build Your Construction Business's Online Presence
Building an online presence helps you boost your company's engagement and gain customers. Follow these tips to build your website.
GUIDESJune 4, 2021
The Benefits of Offering Net Terms to Your Trade Customers
The Benefits of Offering Net Terms to Your Trade Customers
GUIDESMay 24, 2021
Tax Tools for Construction Industry Pros
Tax season is among the most dreaded times of the year for many workers across the country. For construction workers, tax season is a little more difficult.
GUIDESMay 7, 2021
Building an Eco-Friendly Construction Industry
Every year, we celebrate the Earth during the month of April.
GUIDESApril 14, 2021
The 3 Basic Financial Statements Explained: Made Easy
When evaluating the health and wellness of your business, it is important to remember the various elements that can best help you do this.
GUIDESMarch 29, 2021
Celebrating Women in the Construction Industry
Every year, we celebrate Women in Construction week from March 7th to March 13th.
GUIDESMarch 22, 2021
How to Provide a Better Customer Experience
Trying to keep up customer retention after a bad experience? Well, it may be too late already.
GUIDESMarch 16, 2021
How to Improve Your Accounts Receivable Turnover
One of the largest and most pressing issues small businesses face is managing account receivables.
GUIDESMarch 2, 2021
Mechanics Lien For Beginners
Mechanics lien are documents that reserve the filer the right to unpaid compensation. Here are ways to avoid a lien being filed against you.
GUIDESFebruary 22, 2021
COVID-19 and the Construction Industry: Recovery and Relief
In 2020, the world was hit hard by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only did fear and confusion consume people worldwide, they also consumed the enterprise of business.
GUIDESFebruary 8, 2021
How Universal Access to Working Capital Enables Social Inclusion
Social inclusion is defined as the process of improving the terms on which individuals and groups take part in society.
GUIDESFebruary 2, 2021
Financial Planning for Small Construction Businesses
Financial planning is critical to every small business. In order to succeed, businesses need to maintain a strong financial muscle and have an understanding of the company’s financial wellbeing.
GUIDESJanuary 25, 2021
“Buy Now, Pay Later” Financing for Contractors and Suppliers
When starting a new project, contractors must always consider the best way to pay for and finance building materials.
GUIDESJanuary 22, 2021
The Importance of Debt to Businesses: Healthy and Helpful
Debt is often talked about as something that is bound to negatively affect a company or at least temporarily slow its growth. As a result, people tend to avoid debt completely.
GUIDESJanuary 15, 2021
How to Manage the Seasonality of Construction: Finding the Perfect Timing
Each season allows for different construction projects. Navigate the seasonality of construction year round by considering these factors.
GUIDESJanuary 12, 2021
What Is Financial Wellness Month? Managing Good and Bad Finance
The New Year signals the beginning of a new financial year. In January, we celebrate financial wellness month and our team at BlueTape has shared our tips and tricks on ensuring you have good financial well-being for the New Year!
GUIDESJanuary 11, 2021
All You Need to Know About Offering Net Payments for Building Materials
Whether you are a beginner or looking to grow your business, there is a lot you need to think about when considering offering term payments to your customers.
GUIDESDecember 7, 2020
How to Grow Your Construction Business with a Line of Credit
Cash flow is essential for continuing operations but because of the nature of the construction business, there can be big bottlenecks. A construction line of credit can solve that problem.
GUIDESDecember 7, 2020
Everything You Need to Know About Lines of Credit
As a business owner you may have many questions about lines of credit. We’ll explore the answers to all and help you feel confident.
GUIDESDecember 3, 2020
Best Financing Options in the Construction Industry
Business operations and material purchases can be expensive, we get it. Small businesses oftentimes need an extra hand when starting out, many times that hand is through financing.
GUIDESDecember 3, 2020
Ten Marketing Tips for Building Material Suppliers
For every product you sell or service you render, there is a specific market for you. How you can have access to this specific target audience that requires your product or service is a function of marketing.
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