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BlueTape now integrates with QuickBooks

You can now integrate your BlueTape account with QuickBooks for a seamless AR experience. Create invoices, send them via SMS, and get paid, all with just a few clicks.
April 22, 2022
BlueTape integrates with Quickbooks
BlueTape’s latest product feature enables integrating its console to QuickBooks, making the invoicing experience simple and seamless for users. This feature release is part of an initiative to offer integrations with all commonly-used accounting and ERP softwares. At BlueTape, we believe in a user-centric approach. We constantly listen to feedback from our customers and upgrade our solution with features that make everyday jobs easier for our customers.
The benefits of BlueTape QuickBooks integration:
Easy & fast integration
Integrating QuickBooks to BlueTape can be done in just minutes, and it is free and will not have any effect on pricing for neither your BlueTape nor your QuickBooks plan.
Seamless experience
BlueTape users can create invoices on their QuickBooks account as usual. Invoices will automatically sync to BlueTape and will be sent to customers via email or SMS. Once the payment is received, the payment status will sync from BlueTape to QuickBooks. No additional manual entry is needed. Learn more about this integration setup and create a BlueTape account to automate your AR today.
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