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Introducing BlueTape referral program for suppliers

BlueTape referral program rewards with $1,000 for each supplier that joins.
October 10, 2021
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BlueTape has officially launched its first referral program, allowing its members to spread the word with building suppliers. Builders and contractors will now earn $1,000 for every supplier that signs up with their referral code and reaches $3,000 in transactions. And what is best, their referred suppliers will earn $1,000 themselves too.
Getting rewarded is easy
It’s a three step process that can have builders and suppliers earn money for using BlueTape. Spread the word: Sign up or log into your BlueTape account, copy your unique referral code under the referrals tab, and share it with all your building suppliers. Use your referral code: When a construction supplier signs up using your referral code and reaches $3,000 in transactions through BlueTape you both get rewarded. Enjoy your gift: You earn a $1,000 gift card and each of the businesses that used your referral code will earn $1,000 too.
Why should suppliers join?
While referring will allow you each to earn a price, the real deal is how much you will both benefit from using BlueTape. The building suppliers you refer to BlueTape will access a tool that enables them to offer financing to their trade customers at low risk, while receiving payments up front. Some of the main benefits they will enjoy are:
  • Automated accounts receivable. They will be able to automate invoice collection, send invoices via SMS, and avoid chasing after unpaid invoices.
  • Receive payments fast. Suppliers will get paid up front with BlueTape net terms, replacing checks with fast payment via ACH.
  • Save money on credit card processing. They will gain access to the lowest credit card processing fees when credit cards are not present in stores.
Get started today here and start getting rewarded for your referrals.
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