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Save Green by Going Green: From Energy Efficiency to Cost Savings

As a builder or contractor, you're always looking for ways to save money without sacrificing quality. One way to do that is by building green homes.
April 22, 2023
Solar panels on a home with a seagull perched on the ridge
Earth Day is a time to reflect on our impact on the environment and consider ways we can reduce our carbon footprint. As a builder or contractor, you're always looking for ways to save money without sacrificing quality. One way to do that is by building green homes. Not only is it good for the environment, but it can also be cost-saving in the long run. In this post, we'll explore the various government and financial incentives available for building green homes and how it can benefit you as a builder or contractor.

What is a Green Home?

First, let's define what we mean by a green home. A green home is a building that is designed to be energy-efficient, environmentally responsible, and healthy for its occupants. It incorporates features such as efficient heating and cooling systems, solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, water-saving fixtures, and sustainable building materials.

Why Build Green?

Building green has numerous benefits, including reducing your carbon footprint, improving indoor air quality, and reducing energy and water usage. But what about the financial benefits for builders and contractors? Here are a few examples of how building green can save you money:
  1. Lower utility costs: Green homes are designed to be energy-efficient, which means lower utility bills for the homeowner. This can make a house more attractive to a potential buyer due to lower utility costs.
  2. Increased home value: Green homes are in high demand, and studies have shown that they have a higher resale value than traditional homes. This means you can charge more for a green home, increasing your profit margins.
  3. Tax incentives: There are numerous tax incentives available for building green homes, including federal tax credits, state and local tax credits, and property tax exemptions. These incentives can help offset the cost of building a green home and increase your profit margins.

Government and Financial Incentives for Building Green

Now that we've covered why building green is generally beneficial, let's further explore some of the specific government and financial incentives available for builders and contractors:
  1. Federal tax credits: The federal government offers tax credits for builders and contractors who build energy-efficient homes. The credits are based on the energy savings achieved by the home.
  2. State and local tax credits: Many states and local governments offer tax credits for building green homes. Check with your local government to see what incentives are available in your area.
  3. Property tax exemptions: Some states offer property tax exemptions for green homes. This can help reduce the cost of owning a green home and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Earth-Friendly vs. Human-Friendly

Another aspect that should be considered during the construction phase, aside from sustainability, is the toxicity certain materials may pose to humans, both site employees and future residents. By focusing on non-toxic environments, healthy home engineering is an important component to future-proofing new homes. Andy Pace, owner of the Green Design Center, goes into this at length in our podcast, Human-Friendly Construction for a Healthy Home.

How BlueTape Can Help

Building green homes is an essential part of reducing our impact on the environment and combating climate change. By taking advantage of government and financial incentives and partnering with a company like ours for financing options, builders and contractors can create sustainable homes that benefit both the environment and their bottom line. The BlueTape signup process is quick, easy, and paperless. You can create an account today or book a free meeting with one of our team members.
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