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LinqPal Wins Second Place in MIT’s Fintech Conference Start-up Pitch Competition
MIT Distinguishes LinqPal’s Innovative Payment and Financing Solution
March 10, 2021
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San Francisco, CA – March 10, 2021 -The team at LinqPal is thrilled to announce that LinqPal has won second place in the MIT 2021 FinTech Conference Pitch Competition. LinqPal was represented by co-founder and CEO, Yaser Masoudnia, who spoke about LinqPal and its commitment to bring an innovative and easy-to-use payment solution to the construction industry. The MIT Fintech Conference brought together the facets of financial technology and collaboration. Linqpal is thrilled to have placed second at this prestigious competition and congratulates the 170 other startups who competed, as well. Yaser Masoudnia, has expressed that he is “honored by the recognition” and “looks forward to continuing to support MIT and industry experts to grow LinqPal and help advance the hardworking community within the construction industry”. About MIT FinTech Conference: 2020 marks the year of disruption through technology. The 7th annual MIT FinTech Conference is a student-run event that brought together over 1,000 leaders, companies, and students dedicated to transforming and innovating the FinTech space across the globe. About LinqPal: LinqPal is a FinTech company tailored for the construction industry. Its innovative and easy-to-use payment and financing platform transform the way building materials are financed in the industry. It offers material suppliers an intuitive way to streamline their invoice collection and a risk-free buy now, pay later option for building materials. LinqPal revolutionizes access to capital by serving the under-resourced and overworked construction industry, making financing universally accessible to small and medium-sized businesses. LinqPal has been rebranded as BlueTape.
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