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BlueTape COO, Patrick Gannon, Named Top 100 MIT Alumni
BlueTape is proud to announce that BlueTape COO, Patrick Gannon, has been named one of the top 100 MIT Alumni by Alumni Spotlight.
August 03, 2021
Patrick attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to obtain his undergraduate degree in Mathematics with Computer Science before receiving his MBA in Finance and Strategic Management from The Wharton School.  Every year, Alumni Spotlight selects the top 100 alumni from prestigious universities to honor the contributions they have made in their respective fields. This year, they selected the top 100 alumni in technology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Patrick is a part of the founding team of BlueTape, leveraging his FinTech experience to serve the construction industry, a financially underserved industry.  Patrick said “Amazing list of people. I feel honored to have been named along with them”.  After attending MIT, Patrick has spent his career leading technology-based innovations, focused on financial products and services. From early experience as a programmer on Wall Street, his professional experience includes roles at leading financial services companies including Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Charles Schwab, and Visa. He helped found Lending Club and led its investor side, and later became the head of lending at Uplift, helping to establish and grow the digital lending industry.  Patrick’s prior work has made tens of billions of dollars available to millions of people across the country, democratizing access to capital for consumers and small businesses. At BlueTape, Patrick hopes to radically improve financing to create additional opportunities for people throughout the industry.  Congratulations on behalf of BlueTape to Patrick and all of the other recognized MIT alumni.  About BlueTape BlueTape is a FinTech company tailored for the construction industry. Its innovative and easy-to-use payment and financing tool transform the way building materials are paid for and financed in the industry. BlueTape’s goal is to revolutionize access to capital by serving the under-resourced and overworked construction industry, BlueTape makes payments and financing universally accessible to small and medium-sized businesses.
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