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How to Build Your Construction Business's Online Presence

Building an online presence helps you boost your company's engagement and gain customers. Follow these tips to build your website.
June 14, 2021
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While many businesses may offer goods or services tailored to in-person use and activities, maintaining an online presence can also help boost a business’s success. Every year, the amount of internet users grows significantly, with a large number of these people using the internet as a way to shop, seek out services, and interact with businesses. In an age of algorithms and meticulous engineering, people want information to be readily available online for their own convenience and simplicity. As a result, there is greater pressure on businesses to create structured, yet simple online platforms that consumers can easily find and interact with. However difficult the process of online brand building may seem, BlueTape is here to provide tips for building your business’s online presence.
Building the Website
Websites are a key part of businesses’ online presence. They enable consumers to circle back to your business after seeing an advertisement, interacting with your business in person, or needing to find a resource and/or service. Not only that, due to the algorithms of the internet, websites will automatically gain random traffic from consumers browsing the web, which can lead more potential customers to your business. But, how exactly do you create a successful website?
Have a Clear Purpose
When people come to your website, they want to be able to quickly understand what your business offers and what your company’s mission is. You can address your mission statement on your homepage: add clear images of your business’ product and/or services along with small descriptions of what these offer to consumers. Put yourself in the mind of your customers. Ask yourself “why should I choose this business instead of another,” “what specifically am I gaining from using or buying from this business,” “what skills does this business’ team have?” As you start to ask yourself these questions, you can narrow down what information you should include on your website.
Know Who Your Audience Is
The internet allows anyone to come into contact with your business’ online platform, regardless of whether or not they are your ideal customer base. However, if you want to maximize your business’s online success, you need to engage your specific industry and target market. To do so, you can equip your website with keywords specific to your market. If you are a building material supplier, you can use keywords like “building supplies, construction materials” and so on. This process will help boost your SEO, or search engine optimization, to best ensure that consumers are reaching your website and interacting with your business. For more specifics regarding SEO and its utility, check out this article.
Straightforward Navigation
Simplicity is the new language of the modern digital world. When consumers look for products and services online, they want to be able to conveniently and quickly find what they are searching for. By ensuring that your website is easy to navigate and is made for the consumer’s ease, you can increase customer retention and click rates. For example, if customers want to see how your business works for contractors, they want to be able to click one tab on your website and have the information readily available. Straightforward navigation will boost the success of your online presence.
The Right Design Elements
Deciding exactly what your website will look like may be a long and tedious process, but there are a few key steps that can guide you through the process. Ask yourself questions like: “do the colors of our website match the logo? Is our font standardized throughout the entire website? Are certain buttons and widgets highlighted with larger fonts or special details? Are images placed in alignment with their respective copy and descriptions?” These will help clarify the design process and make your website more attractive to potential customers. Images should be used to facilitate written descriptions, as well as to declutter the text on your website. Remember that the design process allows for immense creativity and that your website will constantly be changing and updating.
Wrap Up
Building your construction business’s online presence is a long process, but it can reward you with more customers, better engagement, and, overall, more success for your business. The tips we shared above can help guide you through the process and clarify a chunk of the tedious details. A business’s website is a key part of engaging and attracting customers via online platforms and also a way to improve your customer experience. If you enjoyed this post, sign up for BlueTape today!
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