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Building an Eco-Friendly Construction Industry

Every year, we celebrate the Earth during the month of April.
May 07, 2021
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We recognize the effects that we as individuals have on the health of our planet and, equally as important, the effect that our industries of labor have on the environment. BlueTape is committed to practicing sustainable and eco-friendly practices that ensure a limited effect on the environment. As the construction industry plays a large role in determining the landscape of our living environments, it is important to highlight the relationship between the industry and the environment and how we, as an industry, can better conserve our planet.
The Construction Industry and Environment
Currently, the construction industry is one of the top contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, which play a large role in harming the environment and the earth’s stratosphere. Not only that, activities as minute as payment and material purchases can also pose detriment to the environment. Many construction companies rely heavily on paper for invoices, payments, and transactions, and this is one of the causes for the construction industry’s negative impact on wasteful consumption. Every year, millions of trees are destroyed due to the excessive use of paper and wood to assist companies with paper production and transactions. Although the construction industry poses threats to the environment, there are ways that the industry can turn to more sustainable practices with ease, all while maintaining its structure.
How Digitalization Can Make Construction More Eco-Friendly
The growth of the digital age has impacted many aspects of the workforce, especially with a significant portion of labor being conducted online and remotely. We see this evident in the construction industry, where many companies still use paper invoices, contribute to carbon emissions, and lack critical online resources. Changes such as paying and streamlining invoices online, purchasing materials via mobile device, and using creating less paper waste can allow companies to better manage their carbon footprint. No matter how small or large the change is, these shifts in the nature of work can greatly impact the way that construction companies affect the environment. During the COVID-19 pandemic, remote labor has also become more common. As people are unable to do work in person, companies have begun to adapt to new technologies that allow the same labor to be done online. This shift has benefited the environment, as noted by the decrease of carbon emissions and wasteful production that has been observed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
Making Small Scale Change
Although it is important to be conscious of how larger parts of our daily work life can affect the environment, small-scale changes are just as important. Start to be conscious of your paper and water consumption, and pay attention to the ways you can become more eco-friendly in your workplace. There are many new electronic alternatives that can replace the need for paper, which is a great start to becoming eco-friendly. BlueTape is a great example of an online alternative that can allow you to use less paper while still managing all of your finances. If you enjoyed this article, join BlueTape today!
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